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Design Tips for Coming Out of Hibernation

No matter what we do to Planet Earth, she just seems to be relentless in her unconditional giving to us. Once again, she is bringing us Spring. A time of new birth, renewal and all things green and glorious. Every time I walk around my garden, I am pleasantly surprised with little shoots of green popping up out of the dirt that has been frozen for way too long (in my humble opinion). So I find myself once again feeling that bubbling of youthful joy that comes with the first sighting of daffodils and crocuses.  Knowing that azaleas are just around the corner and warm afternoons will be gracing us soon. Ahhhhh.

In Imperial China, the Emperor appointed a messenger to bury a 3 foot bamboo pole in the ground. This hollow tube was set in the Earth vertically with a feather placed at the bottom. It is said that when the Earth warmed up the feather would float to the top of the bamboo pole. At this moment, the messenger would pluck the feather from the bamboo tube and run with it to the Emperor. The Emperor would then declare that Spring had arrived.

Well the feather has risen for me and I am ready to come out of hibernation. Here are some ideas for sprucing up your space… a sort of rites of Spring, if you will.

  • Wash your front door. Wipe away the winter blues and trim back any dead branches from surrounding plants.
  • Walk through your house and gather up any items that are cluttering your space and either store them or give them away.
  • Touch up paint on walls that are showing wear.
  • Change your bed linens to lighter and brighter colors.
  • Make a refreshing drink for yourself and sit in the sunniest spot in your house.

Happy Spring!

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Relaxing Garden Setting

What I love about this garden setting is the magnetic pull that the chaise has.

It draws you into the space and says, “Sit for awhile and relax, listen to the gentle dripping of the waterfall.” And in fact, just looking at the view is relaxing.

Great use of a variety of materials: contemporary tile, reclaimed wood, rusted metal, and concrete all framing the lush green.

Landscape Design via Arterra Landscape Architects