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2013 – A Good Time To Renovate












Good news for the home building industry. Last week (March 2013) the Commerce Department report showed the rate of single-family home construction at its highest level in four and a half years, the results of this study point to a strengthening economy, housing and renovation market. Yeah!

A survey done  by the popular Houzz site showed that 54% of those polled are planning to do a renovation project on their home this year. All that “pent-up” energy is about to be released into newly designed bathrooms, kitchens and more. In fact, 28% are sprucing up their bathrooms, while 23% are planning to tackle their kitchen or an addition.

Here in Asheville, I have definitely seen an increase in activity. The projects on our schedule this year include a mix of kitchen and bath remodels with several additions, as well as some new construction.

We’re happy to see people investing in their homes.



Three Tips for Saving Water

1) Taking a 10 minute shower saves about 1/3 of the water over taking  a full bath.

2) Install a Dual Flush Toilet which has 2 separate buttons for liquids or solids. This toilet can save about 200 gallons of water a year.

3) Invest in a Grey Water Systems that reuses water from your bathroom sink to flush the toilet. You can save 40% of fresh water used.

Saving water with good bath design.