About Lou

louwithclientDesign has always played an important role in my life. At age 5, I realized that I could drag large pieces of furniture on a small rug and I’ve been rearranging furniture and spaces ever since. After receiving an Interior Design degree from the School of Architecture at LSU, I went on to do special study programs at both Naropa Institute in Boulder, Colorado and at Harvard.

What continues to intrigue me is how spaces affect people and what makes them feel better in one space than another. I find that intentionally affecting our outer world promotes meaningful change for our inner world. This connection between place and its emotional impact is the driving force behind my designs. It’s also why I naturally became interested in incorporating the principles of Feng Shui. I believe inspiration happens in a space when the sense of place merges with a sense of purpose. This is also why I incorporate eco-friendly materials and fixtures as often as possible into my designs.

My husband, Bruce and I, coauthored, Your Way Home – The Psychology of Place Inside and Out in 2005. This book blends our 2 passions – design and emotional wellness. Our second book, Merging 2 Nests helps couples come to grips with the emotional and organizational challenges they must face when blending their households. And our latest book, Sleep So Deep – A Guide To Creating The Best Rest of Your Life shows how to overcome sleep troubles and insomnia naturally without need for medication.