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November 2013

What Color Light Do You Want?

light bulb

With all the choices for light bulbs out there, it can get confusing which bulb to select. The good news is that with the increased awareness of green design and being eco-friendly, the lighting industry has introduced a variety of LED and CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. When first released, the color of these bulbs was very sterile and gave off  a “cool” tone of light, leaving your living room feeling more like a hospital room. Now the industry has widen the spectrum and you can get LED and CFL  in a variety of color tones. The difference in these bulbs is the temperature at which the bulbs operate [measured in Kelvin (K)]. Each temperature gives off a different color of light.

By knowing about the 4 colors of light, you can create any desired ambiance in your interior design.

Warm Light: great for relaxation and entertaining. People look best under warm light. Ideal for living and dining rooms and accent in kitchens. Look for bulbs that are 2700-3500K

Neutral Light: this is a perfect balance between warm and cool light. Great for closets as they show the truest color…so you can be sure your outfits match well.  3500-4500K

Cool Light: great for areas where tasks are done, such as kitchens and offices.  5000K

Daylight: this is an even higher temperature bulb than the cool bulbs so they give the biggest visual separation of objects. Great in utility rooms, garages or hobby studios.  6000K

By using the color of light that reflects the ambiance you want in a space, you will enhance your surroundings tremendously. Let the light color match the room usage.

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