Finding the Designed Pathway


Architectural design has always attracted me, weaving aesthetics with function, all in 3D that you can walk through, sleep in, bathe in and even give birth in. A larger than human interactive sculpture that shapes our lives and becomes part of our deepest engraved memories.

This impact from manmade design seems to be branching out in a different slant these days.

As I sit composing on an ipad, switching from Facebook to Pinterest to blog, I am treading through the minds of those program designers who figured out this intricate pathway of circuits. They carefully guide us from observing something that inspires us to the act of sharing our findings with others. Sometimes I wonder if all this sharing is really necessary, but the shear magnitude and ease compels me forward.

There is a saying in the Buddhist tradition that when a thought is thought it continues forever. When I first heard this, I immediately felt guilt for all the bad thoughts I’d had. Right then I pledged to start thinking more lovingly with as much kindness as I could. And even though I’ve had my moments of angst, for the most part, I feel I’ve added to the positive side of the universal thought bank.

This www virtual matrix has confirmed what the Buddhist knew centuries ago. All these thoughts that we as humans are sharing on the web are now out there forever wrapped in a network of cyber connections. We’ve found the designed pathway from our individual spaces out into a world wide dialog that will be recorded for possibly eternity.

After all the design that has gone into this structure, I hope it winds up being a “good read.”

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